Recipe: Smoked Ham On The Big Green Egg

During my time using my Big Green Egg, I have done mostly chicken and beef. They are a lot quicker than pulled pork or even ribs. So unless you are having guests over, you don’t try something that takes all day. Well, we had some friends over for dinner and as we were planning the menu weeks ago, I wanted to try something new but still something that had little chance of failure.

The worst thing you can do when expecting guests for dinner is to do something new that may not turn out. Then you are stuck serving food that you are not proud of, or you just give up and order pizza. I know the classics such as beer can chicken or chicken thighs would have been a hit, but it would have been pretty boring for me.

The answer turned out to be smoking a 10 lb. ham. Based on how much we all enjoyed it, I was glad I decided to ham it up.

Tequila Ham or as I was calling it, The Drunken Pig

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