Halikids – Halifax’s Local Toy Shop The Kids Will Love


With two little boys, we are constantly surrounded and even sometimes buried in toys. When you have kids, there are going to be bins and containers full of toys taking up valuable space in your house. That is a given.

As parents, we do our best to manage the toys that make it into the house and the ones that get sent to toy heaven (the garage). On top of buying our own toys, there are gifts, freebies from the curb and of course all those little marketing toys that find us via Happy Meals and SWAG bags.

Living in what many consider the “burbs” of Halifax, we are mostly stuck going to Walmart and the many other big box stores to buy new toys, games and puzzles.

But where do you shop for toys if you want to support local business, while going back in time to get that mom and pop like feel?

Well, if you are in downtown Halifax, I would like to nominate Halikids.

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