HRM Parent – A Dad’s Life: Christmas Lights

My latest post for HRM Parent was all about how this year my Christmas decorating duties are pretty much all outside. Katie is taking on the indoor decorating and I felt like I needed to give myself some therapy by writing about it.

I wanted to add that since the post was written, the inside of the house has been getting more Christmas like by the day and the outside of the house now has lights.


So please go and read this month’s installment of A Dad’s Life.

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Day 117: The Crying Game


Today was the second day for Charlie at daycare. The difference for today’s visit was that it was two hours long and I would not be there for the second hour.

Well, that was rough on Charlie. Even moving a few feet away from him would upset the little guy. Now, based on his personality, this may not have anything to do with me. He tends to be an environment guy. If it is a place he does not want to be, it does not matter who he is with.

A daycare full of kids and babies is not quiet. It is chaos times a million and when you are used to a quiet and structured home life, well that can get to anyone. Especially a baby like Charlie.

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Mmm Ribs – 2nd Inaugural Fall River BBQ Competition

Photo from the official Fall River BBQ Facebook page. Looks damn good eh?

Sure BBQ season is over for the backyard griller, but that does not stop the experts.

If you read this blog, you know we love to smoke, grill, bbq and bake on our Big Green Egg. That is also how I found out about this event. A Twitter fan messaged me and tried to get me to enter. Now I don’t plan on wheeling the Egg anywhere, but I do like the idea of trying some BBQ food and watching how the BBQ masters of Nova Scotia do their ribs.

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