Outdoor Games for Kids’ Parties

This is a guest post by David Reeves.

Are you planning a party? Party games are essential to keep young guests entertained, but they can become quite messy. If you are looking to have fun and maybe sneak in a little learning, but want to keep the mess outside, consider these great party games.

1. Water Gun Games

Have each of the kids bring a water gun (and have a few on standby for those who don’t have one) and hang two empty plastic garden watering cans from ropes at about head level. Divide the kids into two teams, and have them use their guns to squirt the watering cans from one end of the rope to the next. The first team to get their can to the end of the rope is the winner.

If the kids are older, add water balloon defense to the game. While they play, kids will be learning how to use waterpower to make something move, and they will get the chance to improve their aim and coordination.

The Importance of Dads

This is a guest post by Ashley Hardway

There is nothing quite like the love of a dad. Mom’s love is so comforting and nurturing and lets us know we are loved unconditionally. The two loves are hard to compare and are equal in their importance. So many times today we see children left with only one parent and generally it is the mom. The importance of dads and the benefit of having them in children’s lives cannot be replaced by any other love.

In no way am I trying to discount the position or importance of a mother in a child’s life. Mom cannot be replaced any more than dad. So many mothers today are trying to take over the role of mom and dad because of absentee fathers and that is an impossible thing. Women are just not able to be men no matter how hard they try. Dads give us a sense of security and of strength and safety that is so much needed in the world today.

Guest Post: My Son’s Helping Hand to My Health

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This is a guest post by Jared Harris.

Last year, one of my buddies asked me if I would help him with the renovations on one of his several residential properties. Besides some volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity with some of my fraternity brothers, I had no real previous experience in anything home improvement-related. Still, I agreed to help.

In the process of installing a glass-paneled door, I tripped over a nail and lost the grip on my side of the door. My right hand went directly through the glass, slicing four of my tendons in the process. I panicked and there was blood everywhere. I had no idea what the extent of my injury was before we made it to the emergency room, but I knew that I had lost total control of both my index finger and thumb. During the car ride, I tried to make my brain tell my fingers to move, but nothing would happen.

How To Prepare Your Family For Christmas

This is a guest post by James Smith.

Christmas is one of the most popular events in the calendar year. It commemorates the birth of Jesus, and is observed by millions of Christians and non-Christians worldwide. It is a time to celebrate and generally spread good cheer. Although it is a joyful season, it can be quite hectic for the family, and if you do not prepare in advance, the meaning of the season may be lost. Below are some tips on how to prepare your family for Christmas.

Plan for Christmas together

As a family, you can start planning for Christmas as early as January. Decide if you want to go on holiday, visit friends and family locally or just stay at home. If you decide to go on holiday, choose the destination and set the dates. If you decide to stay at home, agree on what the family will do on that day.

Start saving at the beginning of the year

After the family has agreed on what to do on Christmas, come up with an estimated budget. Once you have the budget, encourage the whole family to start saving some cash weekly. The cash can be put in one jar or each member of the family can save in their own jar. When you save together, Christmas becomes something to look forward to.