Buying A New BBQ Season Is Upon Us


Can you smell it? That hypnotizing scent of meat grilling as you sit in your back yard. If the smell of steaks, burgers and ribs cooking on a hot grill is not coming from your yard, maybe it’s time you looked at buying a new BBQ.

Do you need a new one? Time for an upgrade? Just because? These are all valid reasons to invest in a new grill. Today there are so many variations when it comes to style, size, price and purpose, that there truly is a BBQ for everyone.

I started out with one of those portable camping grills, moved up to a standard propane BBQ and now I have a top-of-the-line smoker sitting in the backyard. I love to grill, smoke, bake, roast and sear anything I can get my hands on.

My advice would be this.

Follow these steps before buying a new BBQ.

  1. What do you have right now for grilling? Is it good enough?
  2. Are you cooking for a few or do you love to entertain?
  3. Do you love your grill? Does it excite you to use it?
  4. Honestly come up with a budget that you can spend on a new BBQ. I said honestly.
  5. Do you have any interest in low and slow smoking? Or just the steaks and burgers?
  6. What space do you have for a grill? Condo balcony or spacious backyard?
  7. Propane, natural gas or charcoal?

After answering these questions, you should be in good shape to start shopping.

You can find a wide selection of barbecues and grills at Rona. Even though I have a BBQ that will last me a lifetime, I still love to walk around the store and look at the newest, shiniest and coolest new barbecues. If I had the money and space, I would love to have an assortment of grills to match whatever mood I was in. I am sure my wife would disagree. Maybe when I am retired?

What to grill first?

Let’s fast forward to that first Sunday afternoon with your new BBQ. You have a cold beer at your side and you are debating on what that first cook should be.

I would suggest getting to know your new BBQ with something simple, but yet tasty. You don’t want to have to be playing with temperature and options, you just want to get as big a flame going as possible and char something to the perfect taste.

Really open it up with a high heat. You also don’t want to have the pressure of cooking for guests that first time. So in preparation to this joyous moment, buy a personal sized steak and a six-pack of your favorite brew.

Lightly season your steak with salt and pepper, get the grill nice and hot, rub it with some cooking oil and throw that baby on.

Oh that first sizzle. It’s magical. Depending on the cut of your steak and the way you like it cooked, I would suggest high heat for a minute on each side to get that crust. Then close the lid, turn off the BBQ and let it sit there for four or five minutes. Take the steak off, let it rest for a few minutes and then grab your fork and knife and give it a try.

Great right? You just christened your new BBQ. Way to go.

Blackened Burgers On The Big Green Egg


With the long weekend starting in several hours, I wanted to share one more Big Green Egg recipe with you that my family loved.

Last weekend, I tried out Bobby Flay’s recipe for blackened burgers with pepper jack and remoulade.

Burgers are always a hit in our house and this recipe added in one of my favourite flavours – heat.

The blackened aspect of the burger is explained in Bobby’s cook book, Bobby’s Flay’s Barbecue Addiction, as doing it Louisiana style in a cast iron grill on high heat.

Good thing I have a cast iron grill because it worked like a charm.

Basically you make up a dry rub and put it one on side of the burger. Put it in the pan on very high heat and sear the meat so it has that black and charred crust that adds so much flavour.

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Grilled Pizza On The Big Green Egg


When grilling, smoking or barbecuing on the Big Green Egg, meat is usually the way to go. Tasty dishes like beer can chicken, chicken thighs, ribs and steak are all great choices. But what about other options to feed a hungry crowd?

How about grilled pizza? Yes please.

This past weekend we had some friends over and I wanted to try out the new pizza stone I got for my birthday. So, the wife and I teamed up to make homemade grilled pizza on the Big Green Egg.

The plan was my wife would take care of the pizza dough and the homemade sauce and I would take care of the grilling. I was pretty excited as the one fun part of grilling pizza on the Egg is that you get to ramp the heat up to over 600 F. This helps to replicate what a brick oven would do and make it feel like you were eating at a fancy pizza joint.

Now this was the first time for us making homemade pizza dough and cooking pizza like this. So, we were hoping that it would all turn out.

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