Video: FOX’s Dads’ Trailer: Seth Green And Giovanni Ribisi Deal With Daddy Issues

Yay a show all about dads is finally hitting the TV next season. But wait, it is by Seth MacFarlane. So the point of it is not to show the truth but to make jokes and hopefully be funny.

The show features Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi and follows two thirty-something guys whose fathers make life far more difficult than is strictly necessary.

The dads, played by Martin Mull and Peter Riegert, are pretty much everyone’s nightmare of a middle-aged parent. And they’re pretty well matched in their awfulness.

At first I was hoping this was going to be about dads who parent or stay-at-home dads but after watching the trailer, it just seems more of the same old thing. Boo hoo my dad is a jerk. Let’s make funny jokes about how mean my dad is.

It is 2013. This is the best they can do? I guess it will fit right into MacFarlane’s usual fan base but for me it looks like crap.

See for yourself.

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