How We Survived Flying With Two Kids

This is not a blog to tell parents how to do stuff.

This is simply a place to share our parenting experiences, advice and how we somehow did something right.

There are so many theories and suggestions when it comes to flying with young children, that you just have to try it out for yourself.

Have a plan, hope you can stick to it and remember that your kids are really the ones in control of the situation.

We recently flew from Halifax to Ottawa with our two sons. One is three and the other just turned 9-months old. So that is a handful for anyone.

My wife has flown with the boys before all by herself to Toronto, so I let her project manage the adventure as she had real-life experience.

Now, granted, the flight was a short one. Only a few hours. So take that into consideration as we list off how we managed to survive the trip (both ways) without any meltdowns, ordeals or stand offs.