It’s Time To Start Thinking Of Gifts For Dads

Wasn’t Mother’s Day a lot of fun? We had tasty food, a lot of outside family fun and the Mom in our house was showered with love and unique gifts from the boys.

But now that it is over, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for Dads. Yes Father’s Day will be here before you know it and if you want to surprise him with something unique, there are a few quality sites to help you out.

I was contacted by and they asked me to look over all of their cool gift ideas for Dads and pick a few out to try.

As a Big Green Egg owner and lover of all things grilling, I naturally went right for the gifts that were BBQ related. There were so many, but in the end I picked out two that I thought would be great to add to my collection. One has not quite worked how I thought it would and one will easily become a regular tool in the kitchen or BBQ drawer.

But before I get to the reviewing, I want to invite you to check out because they have a lot of Father’s Day gifts no matter the type of Dad on your shopping list. I like BBQ gear, but they have stationary, cool office stuff, accessories for the bar and many other cool categories that I spent way too much time browsing. Whether he is an outdoors or indoors type, the price range will match anyone’s budget.

Video: Calls For Dad | #RealDadMoments | Dove Men+Care

I have seen these done for moms quite often. Thanks to Dove Men Care for doing one for dads. No matter how many times my boys call on me, I love hearing dad, daddy, daddoo or whatever it is.


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Three quarters of dads say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being, while only 20% of dads see this role reflected in media. It’s time to acknowledge the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked.

UncommonGoods Offers Unique Gift Ideas For Dad


Since becoming a dad almost five years ago, Father’s Day has become a day on the calendar I look forward to. Now I check out all the ads and flyers showing off gifts for dad. But most of the time, they are boring and cliche.

I know my kids are young, but I know one day, they will get creative and find some cool stuff for dad. In the meantime, I can always buy myself something right?

Once website that has a lot of cool and unique gift ideas for dad is UncommonGoods.

They recently sent me a list of some of their more popular gifts and I decided to share them with you guys.

Father’s Day is fast approaching, so if you are looking to order something different for your dad, take a look at these ideas.

This Dad Had An Excellent Father’s Day


It is a sunny Monday afternoon, the boys are both sleeping and I have a moment to look back at the best Father’s Day I have ever had.

My wife and boys did a great job celebrating dad yesterday and I can’t wait for many more to come.

A lot of other dads I know were more interested in having a day to themselves. A day to go golfing, fishing or just out on their own. I get that. I like the idea of that. But at this point in my life, I just want to be around my family and spend time together. That is what we did.

First off, I got to sleep in. Sunday is my day to sleep in anyways, so it worked out. Funny thing was, I did not sleep. I was awake when everyone else got up. But I stayed in bed and read a book. What a nice treat.

Once I was up, I had a cup of tea and just let the day come at me.

Dad Rant: Forget Father’s Day, Appreciate Dad Every Day

This is not me. I would never try to type on a hardwood floor with my kids.

It is a few days before Father’s Day. The day where marketing companies, giant brands and your RSS feed tells you that you better be doing something for your dad or else.

Growing up Father’s Day to me was a day to let dad take it easy, do whatever he wanted and to just kick back and forget the daily grind. ┬áBut I also remember my dad wanting to have a pretty normal family day instead. Sunday’s were kind of like that all year round. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were never made to be this big thing for me. Maybe that is why I grew up thinking the way I do.

Why does dad (or mom) only get to be spoiled and celebrated one day a year? That kind of day can happen all year long. Not just on a day that we are told to do it.