Our Son’s First Trip To The Dentist Office

If only we got that far. That boy looks quite calm doesn’t he?

Ah Dentists. They are required part of life, but so many of us fear their existence and the dreaded trip to their offices.

You would think with all the cool stuff a dentist office provides, kids would love it.

Televisions everywhere including on the ceiling, toys, books, cool gadgets, the best flavours in toothpaste and the free toothbrush you get at the end.

I wish dentist offices were like that when I was a little guy.

Anyways, we had our first trip to the dentist for our 3-year old on the weekend and it was a learning experience.

The final verdict – he called it off at the moment of truth.

What we learned? That too much waiting time can hurt your chances of success. The wait was not the only factor but I think that is what put it over the edge.

Harrison’s day started really early. He was up at 6 am I believe, which was not a good sign for a noon appointment with the dentist that he had never met.

Anyways, with him, it is hard to ever really tell.

All week we had been getting him used to the idea of what a dentist was and what was going to happen. My wife even book her appointment before his, so he could get a live look at what the dentist would do.

The mood shifted. One day, he would be interested. The next, he would say he did not want to go.

Back to Saturday morning.