Repost: The Day I Thought Our Son Was Going To Die


This post was originally featured on the Dads Round Table on June 4th, 2013. I felt like it was worth sharing here as well. Enjoy my story.

The Day I Thought Our Son Was Going To Die

To put you at ease right off the bat, our son was fine in the end. It was one of the scariest days I have had as a parent and I want to share it with you. The following story is how I remember it, so if anyone (my wife) feels I forgot something, my apologizes.

The day I thought our son was going to die.

It was late November, 2010. Our son Harrison was just over a year old and starting to eat everything in sight. You remember that age. As you are eating your food, you keep giving your kids some to see what they do. Nothing wrong with that right?

For some time, we had been giving our son Cheerios and of course he loved them. What’s not to love? To this day, cereal is one of his favorite food groups.

So on this random weekday in November as we were having a normal morning before both my wife and I head to work, I was enjoying a bowl of Froot Loops. Pretty healthy stuff.

Reminder To Dad: My Son Is Only Three

Originally posted on The Dads Round Table.


Over the last few days, our three-year old son has become more and more angry, upset and not like himself. His happy face crumbles in seconds over the smallest thing. His usual chipper attitude vanishes before our eyes. He is not right.

That leads my wife and I to conversations on what it could be?

Would it be something at home?

Did something upset him at preschool?

Is he is sad that he can’t watch Game of Thrones?

Okay, so that last one is just me trying to put a smile on this new situation in our house. We have not had to deal with this yet in our parenting lives.

But, after discussing it and thinking about it and putting it all together, the thing I realized was I had to step back and remind myself, that our son is only three.

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