Happy Canada Day Dads, Moms, Kids And Everyone Else

Happy Canada Day! As a proud Canadian I will be out celebrating the day with my family and not sitting at the computer. Don’t worry, I planned ahead.

I asked the Dad bloggers of the world what they thought of when they heard the word “Canada”, and surprisingly I got a lot of great answers. I was expecting the usual ones like bacon, cops on horses and everyone says eh.

So before you head out to enjoy your own Canada Day, check out what these dad bloggers had to say about the great country I live in.

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Like A Dad Creator Featured In Life Of Dad’s “30 Dads, 30 Days”


Today I was featured over on the Life of Dad blog as part of their “30 Dads, 30 Days” feature they are running to coincide with Father’s Day.

Life of Dad is one of the big dogs when it comes to dad blogs and it is an honour to be featured with 29 other great dads.

I invite you to not only go and read what my answers were to their investigative questions, but take a look around and read a few other posts.

Thanks to Tommy at Life of Dad for reaching out.

Read the full post here.

Dad-i-cated Bloggers: Dad Blogger Links Worth A Look – May 23



There are so many dad-i-cated bloggers out there, it is hard to read everything they post. But every now and then, we try to share some of what they have to say. The dad blogging community is growing rapidly and we hope you can take some time to sample some of their talents. Want your link added? Just use the contact link at the bottom.

Dad And Buried – Iden-Daddy Crisis

Dude Of The HouseNot My Final Blog Post

Mindful DadThe Measure Of Love

Luke I Am Your FatherDo The Angry Robot

The Adventures Of Jaydon And DaddyPurple Chalk On The Sidewalk

Fodder For FathersTop 10 Things A Dad Should Never Say On Facebook

The Globe And MailParenting Advice From 5 Daddy Bloggers

CuteMonsterPaternal Not Paternalism 

Whiskey For AftershaveThe Gallery: Drink (Pretty In Pink)

Canadian Dad BlogThe Greatest Love Of All

That’s all for today. Check back soon.

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Tired, Can’t Blog, Must Be Doing A Good Job At Parenting?

Good afternoon all, how goes the battle? Have you ever wondered how many mom and dad bloggers seem to have all day long to write posts, share photos and engage on social media? Are they super-talented on the multi-tasking front? Are they ignoring their kids and letting the TV babysit them?

I often wonder, because to be honest, the last few days, I have been way too tired to blog or even think about sitting at the computer to write.

Our two boys are just bringing it, when it comes to keeping us busy.

So what is the secret? What are other parents doing or not doing? I would love to get the goods. This blog would be so much better if I had several hours a day to create content, engage on social media and do the necessary networking it takes to build a top-notch website.

Even writing this short post to let the search engines I am still alive is taxing because I know at any moment, one of the boys is going to wake up and need feeding, attention, play time or a snack.

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