Hey Dads Corona Light Wants You To “Ditch The Herd”

I am sure there are many dads out there who like light beer. Personally I have never tried or intend on trying one. This goes for Corona Light as well. There is just something about light beer than makes me think it is just coloured water.

Regardless, that does not stop me from enjoying a funny commercial or two.

Corona Light currently is running a campaign called “Ditch the Herd” and to be honest, they are some of the weirdest commercials I have seen from a beer company.

Corona Light invites you to ‘ditch the herd’ and trade up to a refreshing, premium change in beer. No more normal beer like your friends, be a little different.

Each of the commercials that you can see below were directed by Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm) so you know they are going to be odd.

Here is our favourite one for your viewing pleasure.

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