RMHC® Canada unveils family cookbook to support growing food program

This is a direct copy and paste of the news release I recieved. I get a lot of these, but this one I felt was worth sharing.

Don’t really want to read it? I asked my friend ChatGPT to summarize for you.

RMHC Canada, RBC Insurance, and Chef Chuck Hughes collaborate to launch the RMHC Family Cookbook, aiming to alleviate food insecurity for families with seriously ill children across Canada. The cookbook, featuring recipes from 16 Ronald McDonald Houses, seeks to provide hope and nourishment, with each download triggering a donation from RBC Insurance. RMHC addresses the pressing issue of food insecurity by offering critical meal programming, recognizing the financial and emotional strains on families facing pediatric illnesses. The initiative underscores the joint commitment of RBC Insurance and RMHC Canada to support families during challenging times, emphasizing the importance of community support in ensuring no family goes hungry during their healing journey.