Hasbro’s Transformers Construct-Bots Review

I grew up loving Transformers. Yes, they were around long before Michael Bay got his hands on them. The cartoons, the toys, the iconic transforming sound. Loved it all.

So it is the best feeling when I get to watch my boys build their own love for the toys as the grow. Sure a few things have changed and the modern versions of the toys are much more slick and fancy, but they are still transformers.

One of the modern views of the transformers are the Construct-Bots.

Recently I was sent a few by the good folks at Hasbro. The plan was to build them with my son and then name it and post it to the web.

Well, parenting got in the way and I just got around to opening the box today.

Thanks dad, jeez. Anyways. Harrison does not even know they are in the house.