Radio Ga Ga? Talking About Dad’s Life On CBC’s Maritime Noon


When I first moved to Nova Scotia several years ago, one of the first things I watched on TV was the supper time news on CBC. At the time, the host was Norma Lee MacLeod. She was filling in for the regular anchor, who was away at the time.

It was a small part of my transition from Ontario. Watching the news and getting an idea of where I was and what was happening.

As the years went on, Norma Lee moved on to other avenues at CBC and eventually landed on the radio doing a lunch time show called Maritime Noon.

I have listened to it before and it was always good background noise while eating.

Since being a stay-at-home-dad, “Marnoon”,ย as we call it, has become a staple in our house while I feed the baby and try to have a bite of my own.

So, how cool was it when one of the producers of Maritime Noon contacted me to be on a show about stay-at-home-dads and what the life style was like.

Really? I was going to be on the show that I listen to every day regardless of the topic?

I was more than excited.

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