Our Weekend Got A Great Booster When Needed


A lot went on over the weekend, but nothing was more exciting than shaking up the back seat of our car. We had a game of musical car seats which included Harrison getting his first booster seat and Charlie upgrading to forward facing.

Needless to say, it was a hit. Both boys loved it. Harrison enjoys being behind the driver and Charlie looked like a mob boss sitting there with his arms on the arm rests. Yes, he was comfortable.

Charlie turned 13 months old today, so it was a fitting moment to do the change. I am pretty excited about not having to wrestle with two car seats when it comes to taking them out and putting them in.

My wife is thrilled that it won’t be a struggle to put both kids in the car on the morning.

Everyone is happy. Perfect.

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Ask A lot Of Questions When You Rent Car Seats

It is a decision that I don’t think we will ever find an enjoyable solution.

When it comes to flying with young children, do you bring your own car seats or rent car seats with your car at the other end?

Bringing your own does provide the comfort of knowing how to install them and that they are perfectly fitted for your kids. Plus, there is no cost.

But, they could get lost by the airlines and you have to carry them around as part of your luggage.

With renting, you don’t have to worry about the extra baggage and you know that they are there waiting for you. The cost however is a little steep (we paid I think $30/day for each seat).

But, they are foreign to you in every way. You have to install and adjust them to fit your kids. Plus, they tend to look like they were purchased at Value Village. No offense to Value Village, we love going there.

Twice, we have flown with the kids and rented a car at the other end. Twice we have rented car seats for our boys. Twice we have run into problems.

On our latest trip to Manitoba, the issue was something we could not of predicted and was so avoidable, if only the car rental company asked a few more questions.

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