Getting Canadian With the Kids And Netflix


Canada Day seems like months ago. The day we all celebrate the great country we live in. As our boys get older, they become more aware of all things Canadian. Maple syrup, the maple leaf and the national anthem. It’s pretty cool to see them learn about where they live.

Also, Canada turned 149 years old. A fact that Charlie was very proud to know. He also likes to ask if I am older than Canada? Thanks. They also like to point out that I am older than the CN Tower. Again, thanks guys.

So how did we celebrate July 1, 2016? Well, we did it the only way we know how. With family and with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Happy Canada Day Dads, Moms, Kids And Everyone Else

Happy Canada Day! As a proud Canadian I will be out celebrating the day with my family and not sitting at the computer. Don’t worry, I planned ahead.

I asked the Dad bloggers of the world what they thought of when they heard the word “Canada”, and surprisingly I got a lot of great answers. I was expecting the usual ones like bacon, cops on horses and everyone says eh.

So before you head out to enjoy your own Canada Day, check out what these dad bloggers had to say about the great country I live in.