Top 10 Most Entertaining TV Dads

There are many lists of the best dads on TV. But the lists are always pretty much the same. Bill Cosby this and that bla bla. It is easy to pick out the dads that fit the perfect image of what a dad should be but that is boring.

Instead I wanted to make a Top 10 list of dads who areĀ  the most entertaining right now. Whether it be funny, or dramatic or just gripping to watch on the small screen. Many of you will argue and have your own suggestions and that is the whole idea. Let’s start a discussion and at the end, a true list will be generated.

This is also based on the TV shows that I watch, so some very obvious dads will be left out simply because I do not watch the show.

So here is my first go at the Top 10 TV dads right now.