When You Have Boys, You Better Have Bandaids

Man, our three-year old lately has just been a mess. The human bruise would be fitting. He is covered in dark circles ranging from brown to purple. Pretty typical for a toddler figuring it all out.

In the last week he has stepped up his game and added scratches and red marks. For a mild-mannered guy, his anger and non-listening has also gone up lately.

Last week, we had to sign a note at his school because he bit another kid. Turns out later, we discovered a rather large bump on his head, that could have triggered the rage to bite. It was a real golf ball on the head.

Then his first day back after that incident, we got a call from the school saying he scratched up his face going down a slide head first. I guess he hit the gravel at the bottom. In the school’s defense, they did ask him not to do it.