Sorry For Not Daddy Bloggin’

Man where did the last two weeks go? I just realized I have not done a post since Feb. 28th. That is pretty embarrassing for a guy who used to throw down like Bobby Flay when it came to blogging.

The reason for my lack of words? Two boys.

Pretty fitting that the reason I have not had time to work on my parent related blog is because I have been parenting.

There are so many parent blogs out there, I often wonder how they do it? Do they have 26 hours in a day? Do they have kids who come pre-trained? Do they even have kids and are just doing a front? Who knows.

All I know, is that between our two boys, work and trying to keep the home life afloat, there is certainly little time to write about it.

The free time I do have, I tend to be sitting on the couch for 10 minutes before passing out for two hours.

So, is this going to change? Should I even keep trying to have this blog?

Oh, don’t you worry, I will be making it happen going forward.