Like A Dad Creator Featured In Life Of Dad’s “30 Dads, 30 Days”


Today I was featured over on the Life of Dad blog as part of their “30 Dads, 30 Days” feature they are running to coincide with Father’s Day.

Life of Dad is one of the big dogs when it comes to dad blogs and it is an honour to be featured with 29 other great dads.

I invite you to not only go and read what my answers were to their investigative questions, but take a look around and read a few other posts.

Thanks to Tommy at Life of Dad for reaching out.

Read the full post here.

Sorry For Not Daddy Bloggin’

Man where did the last two weeks go? I just realized I have not done a post since Feb. 28th. That is pretty embarrassing for a guy who used to throw down like Bobby Flay when it came to blogging.

The reason for my lack of words? Two boys.

Pretty fitting that the reason I have not had time to work on my parent related blog is because I have been parenting.

There are so many parent blogs out there, I often wonder how they do it? Do they have 26 hours in a day? Do they have kids who come pre-trained? Do they even have kids and are just doing a front? Who knows.

All I know, is that between our two boys, work and trying to keep the home life afloat, there is certainly little time to write about it.

The free time I do have, I tend to be sitting on the couch for 10 minutes before passing out for two hours.

So, is this going to change? Should I even keep trying to have this blog?

Oh, don’t you worry, I will be making it happen going forward.

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