The Newest Addition to the Cusden-Rock Family

Sorry, sorry if the title was misleading. It’s actually the subject line I used in a mass email to family and friends almost nine years ago.

This email was sent out a few days after Katie and I became parents for the first time. The day we came home with the responsibility of another person. So many moments to remember from that day and the nine years that followed. Anyways, I just wanted to share the email and I have to say it stands up after all this time. Ha ha Miley Cyrus.

Happy birthday Harrison/Harry.

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Happy 4th Birthday Harrison


September 19th again? Wow, Harrison you are growing fast.

H is for Hilarity which you bring us each day.

A is for Awesome, which you are and then some.

R is for Regular questions about anything and everything.

R is for Reading, which you are very close to doing.

I is for Intelligent. I swear you are already smarter than I am.

S is for Sweet, the way you look after your little brother.

O is for Original. You stand out among a crowd.

N is for Never change. Your age will grow but I hope you stay the same special guy.

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This Dad Reflects On His Birthday


So today is my birthday. I am not adding this to a post to get more Facebook wishes or happy birthday tweets. No, I just find that on the anniversary of the day you were born, it the best day to reflect on where you have been.

I am not ashamed to say it, I am 30. I mean, 35? No, okay fine, I turn 39 today.

I am a 39-year guy living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who currently is not working. If I went back to 20-year old me and explained in 19 years that would be the situation, I would have told myself I was crazy.

I grew up thinking life would be more cookie cutter. I would be married and have kids by 25. Have a great job and making a lot of money by 35 and have a big old house to hold everything.

Life is not cookie cutter of course.

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