Teaching Our Son To Ride A Bike

Teaching our son to ride a bike is a lot of fun.

There are many, many things on a dad’s list of things he can’t wait to teach his kids. Maybe even a million things. But one of the most exciting for me is teaching our boys how to ride a bike. I mean, the say, it is like riding a bike has stuck around for a reason right?

We bought Harrison his first “big boy” bike last year for his third birthday. It has training wheels, a bell and everything a boy’s bike should have.

He was excited at the idea of riding a big bike instead of this three-wheeler but going from thinking to doing took some time.

He hated to pedal and was not that thrilled with having to have dad push him.

So since it was fall and the snow would be coming, we just took it slow. Riding around out front of the house now and then. Pedaling, just was not going to happen.

I was not that worried as he was only 3-years old and there was plenty of time to ride.

Day 26: It Is Hard Being A 7-Month Old


Today was a beautiful day in Halifax. You know how I know? I saw it out of the window as I was lying in bed with a 20-pound 7-month old passed out on me. Oh well, it could have been worse right?

Today was the second rough day in a row for Charlie and his afternoon nap. Due to his red cheeks and the fact that he had a blanket stuffed in his mouth, it is a safe bet there are more teeth on the move. Poor guy. He has been so tired lately and the mouth is not letting him get comfy.

Luckily, laying on dad seems to do the trick. So that is what I did between 2 and 4 pm today. I won’t lie. It was cozy. Plus I had my phone, so I got a lot of tweeting, angry birds and instagramming in. How did our parents ever do it? Did they just think? Crazy.