Friday Newsletter – Who will win enraged March?

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B-b-b-b-b-asketball…….gimme the ball and I’m gonna dunk it!

Yes sir, it’s that time of year again. Where it’s considered okay to ignore all life’s responsibilities and watch 12 hours of hoops in a day. The picks are in, the ball is tipped, and the upsets are happening. March Madness is the best, even in a year where I have watched zero seconds of college basketball. I actually had a stronger opinion on who will win the women’s tourney, than the men. Spoiler alert, it will be South Carolina.

On the men’s side, there are a lot of the usual suspects, but other than Zach Edey at Purdue, I don’t know any of the players. Does it matter? Not really?

My Son Actually Picked The Biggest Upset in NCAA Basketball History

umbc upset

The following story is as true as it is hard to believe.

It’s always easy to look back once history has been made and say, I called that, but sometimes, it’s just how it goes. As we head to the 2018 Final Four in San Antonio, something I thought would never be mentioned again, came up today while I walked the kids to school.

The something that came up? Well it’s a tale that Harry may hold over me for the history of time. He made a choice and then changed it thanks to something I said.

  • A true, Dad, I can’t believe you stopped me from predicting history.
  • Dad, remember the time I made that pick and it came true and you used your bias to sway me?
  • Dad you owe me money.

What the hell am I talking about? Well as they say on the National, first a little back story.

Harrison`s First Live Basketball Game


One of Harrison`s Christmas presents was tickets to go and see a Halifax Rainmen game. We have been to see the Halifax Mooseheads a few times, but never to a Rainmen game.

Harrison loves basketball and watches it on TV whenever I am watching it. He is even starting to get the rules of the game. For some reason, he loves it when the ball gets stolen. Anyways.

Sunday was being referred to as “no nap day“ because the game was at 2pm, which is usually when the boys nap.

I was looking forward to the game as well because live basketball (no matter the level) is always a treat. I have been a hoops fan for most of my life, so I would never say no to going to a game.

The exciting part was our seats were on the floor right behind the basket.

So we bundled up and headed down  to the Metro Centre where the Rainmen play.