Dad Bloggers Make Super Bowl XLVII Predictions

On Sunday, Feb. 3rd, the biggest game of the year will take place. I am referring to Super Bowl XLVII of course.

The Baltimore Ravens will take on the San Francisco 49ers. If you want to know about the actual game, well I know you can find that in five seconds somewhere. I am not here to focus on that.

With the Super Bowl, there is the week long lead up, the commercials, the food, the 56 hour pre-game show, the monster halftime show and of course, there is the actual game.

Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, predictions, betting and all around opinion time. There are only two teams, you have a 50/50 shot.

Since I have access to a huge group of awesome dad bloggers, I threw out the simple question, who do you think will win the Super Bowl.

Here are the responses. I want to see yours as well.