Gone Baby Monitor, Gone. Going Digital Is The New Way To Go

Recently we reached the stage where it was time to move our 3-month old out of our room/bassinet, to his nice, big crib next door. It meant a lot of things – less constant sleep, a new bedtime routine and of course digging out the old baby monitor from last time.

Apparently a lot has changed since we last relied on the old baby walkie-talkie because this time when we turned it on, 8 out of 10 times, there was nasty interference.


I spent a good day trying to crack the code. What was different from last time? Was it the Wi-Fi? Was it the neighbours Wi-Fi?

Anyways, while this was going on, it meant my wife was basically trapped on the top floor of the house each night, because we would not be able to hear the baby from the basement.

While she did enjoy the peace, the chance to read, and going to bed early, after a few nights, she was craving TV. We had a backlog of shows piling up, one of which, Top Chef, our weekly hit of crack.

As I was using tin foil on the baby monitor to see if that would magically fix it like a bad episode of MacGyver, I realized I had gone too far.

It was time to suck it up and just get a new one. Gone baby monitor, gone.

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