Video: A Comparison Of First Food Moments

Last night, we gave Charlie his first food that did not come from a boob. Rice cereal of course and he seemed to enjoy it.

I took some video because it is one of those “first” moments you want to have.

Of course, it got me thinking back to Harrison’s first food moment and thanks to the wonder of YouTube, I have it to compare.

Harrison’s first food video had a lot more production value. You see, it was after we had just watched the Canada-USA Gold medal game in 2010. If you watch the video you will see fireworks in the background because, well we won.

Harrison’s moment also came about a month later in his life, so he was way more into it.

Harry was Feb. 28th, 2010 (being born in Sept.)

Charlie’s was Feb. 10th, 2013 (being born in Oct.)

The reason? He is a much bigger kid and is eating a lot more. My wife can’t keep up so we are seeing if some cereal will help fill that belly.

Anyways, here are the two videos.

Check The Expiry Date On That Baby Formula Before You Buy

For those of you who buy baby formula, do you check the expiry date on the package before buying? Yes, we all say we do, but it is okay if you forget.

The thing is, you may want to start checking every time after what I read about happening in British Columbia.

Turns out, there, many stores are carrying expired formula and selling it.

President’s Choice Soy Infant Formula, a liquid, was found for sale more than two months past its expiry date at a Real Canadian Superstore in North Vancouver.

We buy President’s Choice product all the time and when Harry was a baby, that was the only formula he ever had. I can’t ever remember really focusing on the expiry date. I just assumed that stores would remove that product.

I just heard more on this story on the radio. It explained that “best before dates” are guidelines and the product generally is fine months later. But an “expiry date” means remove it from the shelves and destroy it.