Review: Aplaydia in Bedford, Nova Scotia

One of the regular features I want to get going on this blog is reviewing local places to take kids, entertain kids or feed kids. There are so many parents looking for ways to spend time with their children outside the house and to be honest, when you are tired, it is hard to come up with ideas.

So Like A Dad wants to help. I am going to start reviewing all the places we take our boys. Parks, places to eat, indoor gyms, stores and many other examples of where to take kids. You get the idea. I will share the good, the bad and the ugly.

To start, I want to review a place we went a few weeks ago on a crappy weather day.

Aplaydia in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Aplaydia, is basically an indoor play facility for parents to watch their kids get exercise, interact with other kids and most importantly, keep everyone from going crazy at home.

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