Day 24: Somebody Get Me Jack Bauer

No, no, I don’t actually need Jack Bauer to save the day for me, I just think of him anytime I see the number 24.

Today was a Friday, so that meant, end of the week, time to regroup and welcome mom back to the fold.

This day was even better because she got the afternoon off. Huzzah. More mom time for Charlie. Harry was at preschool.

That meant a pretty quiet afternoon for this day. My wife and Charlie had long afternoon naps and I caught up on House of Cards. We watched the first four episodes so long ago, I needed a refresher before moving forward.

This evening, my wife got two tickets to the Halifax Mooseheads playoff game through work. So she took Harry. Right now they are sitting in the Chronicle Herald box and I ย am at home with Charlie. He is off to sleep and I am going to have a lazy Friday night.

So on this Friday, very little to report from the parenting side of things.

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Day 23: Tired Baby Boy Leads To Productive Day

Two status posts in one day? What gives? Well, I have a lot more energy than I did last night at this time.

Why? Well for whatever reason, the baby boy was pretty cranky and tired today. He put in some serious doze time. With Harry at preschool, that left me to have a lot of time to myself.

Time to catch up on the house, time to read and of course, time to catch up on my blogs.

I am not sure if it is a growth spurt, more teeth coming or just a general boredom with me, but Charlie was sleeping today like a 30-year old with a hangover (not that I am comparing it to myself).

He has almost a 2-hour morning nap and a 3.5 hour afternoon nap. Then he went to bed 15 minutes early and was out like a light.

Hey, I am not complaining.

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Day 21: Angry Birds, Angry Birds, Angry Charlie


Good evening, I welcome you to your normally scheduled blog post. Day 21. The day I almost did the whole day from dawn til dusk. My wife thankfully made it home just in time to catch Harry before bed and now they are up doing bedtime.

But other than that, it was dad all day long today. My wife was up earlier than the birds for a work event and that meant I had to take care of her part of the morning. No biggie, it was just breakfast and getting Harry to school.

The worry was, he had a rough drop off on Monday, so we were interested to see how his mood was today. He was fine. Why?

Angry Birds.

The toys we got in the mail yesterday were still fresh in his head. Even to the point where the first thing he said when he got up today was, can we play with the Angry Birds?

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