Looking Back At 2012 Like A Dad

The last day of 2012 is here. Time to reflect, look ahead and most importantly, have everything you need from the grocery store (been out once so far).

Happy New Year to all of our readers whether you are a dad, mom, brother, grandfather, Internet addict or even if you are just lost.

This blog was in the design stage for most of the year. No name was thought of until late but the concept was there. To share dad stories, entertain and just be part of the parenting community.

It has only been a month but there have already been some great connections and several other dads who said they would like to join the party in 2013. Great news.

That is the future. Before getting to that, I, the creator of this slice of the net, want to look back at the moments of 2012 that changed the way we lived our lives (in reference to our two boys).

So many to share so I hope my wife forgives me if I leave a few out.

Here we go. Looking back and 2012……like a dad.

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