A Smile From A Girl Always Warms The Heart

Good morning. Cold enough for you? Currently with the wind chill it is -30 C in Toronto. Not a day to be outside that is for sure. So what instantly warms you up? Well for Charlie it was the smile from a girl.

I was told he has a new friend at his daycare. A little girl who likes to say his name and they play cars. Up until now, all of the buddies we have learned about have been boys. So this is the first girl Charlie has bonded with in the group.

This morning, while his cheeks were crimson red from the cold, a tap on the glass from inside his class grabbed his attention.

It was the same little girl smiling and waving. Charlie smiled and turned away with that face of embarrassment and joy. You know the one. When someone you like gives you a look or a smile. It was cute to see Charlie all flustered for a brief moment.

I think it helped him forget how cold he was.

It’s the little things like this that make me happy that I get to drop the boys off at their schools each day.

I hope you get a smile today from someone you like even if it is not freezing where you are.