Review: Ziggle The Day Away Thanks To Radio Flyer


What timing. With the clocks “springing ahead” and the snow starting to melt, I was contacted by the fine people at Radio Flyer about their cool bike for kids called the Ziggle.

Radio Flyer is all about getting kids active and with two boys who are counting the days until playing outside is the norm again, this toy could not of come at a better time.

The only trick is to somehow keep them at bay until the snow is gone. The Ziggle is put together and sitting in the living room and I would suspect as soon as the boys see it later today they will be Zig Zagging around the kitchen.

The Ziggle is best described as a bike that moves based on the power of you swaying. You don’t have to push with your feet, you just zig zag and start moving. We saw contraptions much like this at Chapters once and Harrison loves them.

The Ziggle is equipped with 4 caster wheels, making the Radio Flyer Ziggle a fun and fast ride making sweet 360Λ™ spins.Β The adjustable seat promotes many years of fun drifting and wiggling. The box says for three to eight year olds but I think with supervision, our one year old is going to love this as well.

Like I said, by simply wiggling the handles and bottom with feet on the frame, your little ones will be gliding forward in no time.

It came ready for assembly which worried me a little as I hate putting stuff together. But it took me about 20 minutes to get it done. Not that bad. I even took a video of the process.

It’s a very cool tool and sturdy. The pieces are solid metal and they are fastened together secure and safe.

To learn more about the Ziggle and other Radio Flyer products, check out their main website.

Like a Dad was provided a free Ziggle for testing purposes. This review was not influenced by that at all and are the opinions of Like a Dad.Β 

Thank you Radio Flyer for the hours and hours this product will provide us over the next several years.