Review: Woody’s Bar-B-Q In Dartmouth

This week to celebrate my last day of work before parental leave starting, we decided to go out for dinner. It had to be somewhere family friendly and somewhere close to my work. So Dartmouth Crossing seemed to be perfect. We also wanted to try somewhere new.

Add it all up and we went to Woody’s Bar-B-Q. I had heard of it as one of the now-many BBQ joints in the HRM. We have been to Boneheads and Q, so it was time to try a third. All I knew going it was it was more of a chain restaurant but that was it.

We found it pretty easy and I went to check the menu to make sure it was family friendly. Check, it was.

On a side note before I begin, the parking lots in Dartmouth Crossing are very dangerous. We witnessed a few cars motor through there at an unnecessary speed. So holding the boys tight, we headed it.

Both the atmosphere and decor were cottage bar-like. Lots of wood it seemed to me and the place was not that busy, which we really like.

We seated ourselves and the car seat fit into the booth, which again, does not always happen.

Now if you are parents of young kids, restaurant trips are big treats and really the only thing you are praying for is an experience that has some movement to it, ie. quick seating, quick order taking and quick turnaround in the kitchen. The more delays, the more you are asking for trouble.

Well from the time we sat down, it was slower than the meat they were slow cooking out back.

There was a lot of waiting on this adventure. From the first greet, to us all getting our drinks and of course the food coming.

It did not help that we were all just so hungry.

It was wing night so I went with that. I had the southern bbq sauce and a beer.

My wife had what seemed to be the house special, basically a sticky pulled pork-like sandwich. She also had a spicy caesar that was odd to her just because it was a caesar with bbq sauce squirted in it.

Harry had chicken fingers and fries.

Charlie, just watched as he had just polished off his bottle in the car on the drive over.

It took over 30 minutes for food to arrive and luckily technology (our phones) entertained Harry long enough. He was getting hungry as it was closing in on 7pm.

Finally food came and we asked for the bill at this point to avoid any more delays later. Charlie was being good for a baby, but you knew he was only going to hold on for so long.

The wings were pretty good. The smokey flavour was there. But because of it being wing night, I figured they would have come fast and often. I would have eaten a lot more than the first round of 15 I ordered. But there was no way I was waiting for more.

Katie’s was a good meal too except for the side corn that came that was room temp and not that cooked.

Harry’s well they were chicken fingers and fries. With ketchup he ate all of it pretty much.

We packed up, paid the bill and got out.

Decent experience and decent food. Just very slow for no apparent reason that we could see.

As it worked out, our drinks were left off the tab. We were not sure if this was a nod for the mega-slowness, or they just totally missed it. Regardless, we took it as karma.

We hit the road with full bellies and tired eyes.

My thoughts

Great place for a family to go for bbq food. The place was open and friendly and situated near a lot of shopping. It was just on this night it was very slow. Yes, we have kids and yes we are very aware when it is slow, but we both agreed it was a little much. There was not enough staff for a Thursday evening and they seemed all very confused. We will try it again one day.

Place: Woody’s Bar-B-Q

Location: Dartmouth Crossing, Dartmouth, NS

About: Woody’s Bar-B-Q offers full service dine-in, take-out and catering services with outdoor patios in most locations (weather permitting). Order on-line, in person, on the phone, or if you’re close enough yell from your roof top. Your food will be ready when you want it.

Cost: For 2 adults and child, it was in the high $30 low $40 range (if drinks were in)