Raw Dad-a: Most Popular Google Searches by Fathers

Saw this post as I was looking for dad-related Twitter feeds. As a marketer who spends a lot of time looking at search results, this data was pretty interesting. Thanks to parenting.com for sharing.

Google can be a funny place and when you look at actual search results, it makes you wonder what is in people’s heads. My other question is, what did dads do before Google? They certainly did not ask their dads.

Anyways, on with the results.

Most popular Google searches by new fathers to be

“Propecia infertility connection”

“baldness fertility connection”

“DIY sperm count how to”

“pregnancy book what to expect when you’re expecting sex”

“hospital pub hours of operation”

“instructions Graco stroller”

“instructions raise a child”

“sleep cure all natural”

“best TV shows on at 4 a.m.”

“girl on Choo Choo Soul naked pics”

“sleep cure voodoo”

“trapped in Baby Bjorn”

“child still alive at age 1 anniversary present”

“sleep cure sorcery”

“pregnancy compliments non-breast related”

“best family cars 2012”

“upholstery stain removal poop vomit pee grape juice”

“Hyundai return policy”

“Mother’s Day how not to disappoint”

“how much crying is too much crying dad not baby”

“umbilical cord calamari similarity”

“crib lid”

“stroller cupholder that fits 24-oz can”

“Father’s Day how to handle disappointment”

“sleep cure Wiccan spell”

“understanding in vitro”

“stroller for quintuplets”

Personal faves have to be looking for pub hours, crib lid and trapped in baby bjorn. Grabbing these results monthly will be hilarious.

What is your favorite? Have you actually searched any of those?

From Parenting.com