#Parkdale Life: Fall Day at the Parkdale Flea Market

Starting a new series today, called #Parkdale Life. Seems appropriate as this is where we live now and I really enjoy walking the streets and exploring everything the neighbourhood has to offer. I am also becoming more conscious about supporting local business and showing our kids that everything does not come from Walmart.

We have been to numerous Parkdale places so I have some catching up to do. I figured I would start the series off with our first visit to the Parkdale Flea. I have seen the signs many times but we have never gone. Seems silly as we live around the corner.

It was also a good place to visit with the boys as we were getting some exercise on a lovely Sunday morning. I had no idea what to expect.

For those not familiar with the Parkdale Flea, it’s where local artists and businesses promote their goods in this old building just off of Queen Street. It’s free and there is something new every time.


There was not a lot for kids, but we did find some cool buttons for a dollar each. Shocker, the boys picked out Simpsons characters.

The other stop we made was a table that had free cupcakes and samples of homemade jam. The business is called Penny Candy Jam and it was a hit with Charlie. I think he tried all the samples. We picked up some raspberry and basil jam for mom. Check them out on Instagram.


We went pretty early in the day, so I wonder if there are more vendors and the hours go by. Every table or area we walked by, the vendors were very friendly and for the most part, working on their craft right there. We saw women knitting and others putting together pieces of art. Seemed like a very friendly community of people from the area.

As the weather was a little dreary, there was nobody selling outside, but I have seen it in the summer where it’s quite packed and traffic is stopped outside.

The bottom line is the kids enjoyed checking it out. It was real. Small business owners doing their thing and helping grow the community around them. Today it was a jar of jam and a few buttons. Let’s see what we find when we go to the next one next month.

Whether you live in Parkdale or want to go on a city adventure, I suggest grabbing a coffee and taking a look at the Parkdale Flea.

Interested to know what else there is to do in Parkdale with the kids? Check out our growing page and also the Parkdale BIA.