Parents Taking Back the Netflix


Man it’s cold outside today in Toronto. As the weekend approaches, the forecast says, let’s stay in and watch something. But what? Well thankfully Netflix seems to reload the library so often now, it’s actually hard to keep up.

The other bonus for the parents is, the kids have taken a break from Netflix as they are hooked on some Ranger Rob show that airs on cable (gasp). Not to worry Netflix people, they have not forgotten about you and will be back as soon as Ranger Rob runs out of adventures.

So that frees up the Netflix for the adults.

So far in 2018, we have watch the first David Letterman special and are working on Season 2 of the Crown.

The Obama interview by Letterman was funny and reminded up how much we miss Obama as President. The next episode of “My Next Guess Needs No Introduction with David Letterman” features George Clooney. While I am not as interested in George these days we will still watch.

As for The Crown. I will admit, Season 1 was much more interesting to me. While still well done, the story has become more of a soap opera and less on the history.

As I browse what’s coming, I want to check out Altered Carbon, which starts today (Feb 2). It stars HOLDER from The Killing and that alone has me ready to like it.

Black Lightning also has potential based on what I have seen.

When not checking out the new shows, I am also watching Rotten and a few other docs.

Needless to say, there is always something when I have time to fire up Netflix.

What are you watching this month? Need a primer? Well here you go.