Day 116: Orientation Week Is Going To Be Hardest On……



Daycare orientation week is going to be hardest on ME!

Yep, forget the kids, they are going to love going to a new school. The person I am worried about is me. My time at home with the boys is coming to an end.

Today was our first trip to the new daycare. This week is a gradual introduction for Charlie and by Friday he will be going for a full day.

I have been with the little guy every day for six months and it is going to be hard to let that go.

Harrison will be starting at the new daycare next week but he got to check out his new class today as well. Let’s just say he loved it.

We packed up and left for the school just after 9 am today. The agenda was to go for an hour with me staying in the baby room with Charlie.

Tomorrow, it will be two hours and I leave for one.

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Video: Tui Brewery – Pranksters

Guy finds his house plumbed with beer

Dads like beer, that is obvious to say.

So I know you enjoy catching up with your friends for a cold beer and a good laugh.

Check out this video where a group of friends combine both for the ultimate gag.


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Mmm Ribs – 2nd Inaugural Fall River BBQ Competition

Photo from the official Fall River BBQ Facebook page. Looks damn good eh?

Sure BBQ season is over for the backyard griller, but that does not stop the experts.

If you read this blog, you know we love to smoke, grill, bbq and bake on our Big Green Egg. That is also how I found out about this event. A Twitter fan messaged me and tried to get me to enter. Now I don’t plan on wheeling the Egg anywhere, but I do like the idea of trying some BBQ food and watching how the BBQ masters of Nova Scotia do their ribs.

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