Oakland A’s Slugger Brandon Moss Trades Dingers For Diapers

Major League Baseball and parental leave? Two things I would of never thought I would read about. Then I did.

From Fathers, Work and Family

The First Paternity Leave of the 2013 Major League Baseball Season- The Oakland A’s Brandon Moss.

It is only 72 hours, but it’s a step in the right direction. Baseball’s policy, unique among major sports, represents a formal endorsement of the concept of paternity leave.

Prior to this policy, players were often excused for a day or two by their teams- but it was totally at management’s discretion, and the team would have to play with the disadvantage of one fewer player on the roster until the new dad returned.

Right on Brandon. Short indeed but a step in the right direction. All dads should have the option regardless of their job.

Now it can be argued that a baseball player does have an offseason and does get paid a lot of money, but not everyone will have kids from October to March.

I also want to say, I am happy to have seen this story as it brought me to another great dad blog. Thanks for posting Scott.

Now I want to check out what other Major League Sports do for the dads. I mean, we hear all the time about players missing games for the birth of their kids, but I have never heard anything about parental leave.