#NewYearNewView For The Like A Dad Family

For anyone who knows our family, we like to do major things in bunches and then have a period of quiet. 2016 already looks like we are coming out of a quiet period. It’s going to be a crazy, wild and fun year ahead for the family. So when we are not stapled to the couch watching Netflix, there are a few goals we have planned for the upcoming 12 months. I already listed my personal ones, but here are a few that we are going to try as a family.

  • Expand our diets by trying new foods with the kids.
  • Get back to the kids eating the foods they used to.
  • Get back to putting the boys in enrolled activities.
  • Try to have our first real family summer vacation.
  • For mom and dad, to be more aware of screen time (personally and for boys).
  • Storing things in the place they are supposed to go.

My #2015bestnine sums up my life pretty good. Meat and kids.

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Those are just a few of the bigger ones. We have talked about setting up a points chart for the boys to track their new eating experiences. When the points hit a certain mark, they can trade them in for prizes. Stay tuned.

We have also talked about an allowance for our oldest. So we want to figure that out. I think teaching the value and importance of money now will be helpful. Then we can stop finding loose change all over the house.

So where do we draw inspiration for these goals? Well, it would be nice if we could turn to Netflix or Facebook or Pinterest, but honestly, it’s all on us. Not just the parents, the boys too. We all have to work together to make it happen.

I have also been hearing a lot on families focusing on the environment and reducing their footprint as they say. It’s taken many weeks to finally dig out of the pile of Christmas packaging and garbage, so that is a very hot topic in our house. As a family, we can do better. That means using the green bin for more than diapers and to simply start asking, do we really need that in our house?

If you have every watched any of documentaries like Planet Earth or Mission Blue, it can put your head in the right place to start doing your small part to save the planet.

I want to start to teach the boys about not being wasteful. When you ask for seconds, you should try to eat some. Small things like that. When leftovers go in the fridge, the get used and not wasted. It’s in my head, now I just need to act on it.

on the way to school

Our youngest will start real school in September, so education and schooling is going to take over our lives. Netflix has another doc called On the Way To School that will really put things in perspective. Our schooling in Canada can get taken for granted when the smallest things don’t go our way.

We are not a family of resolutions, but we do set a lot of achievable goals. That is important. If you are not moving forward, you are going backwards. As parents, it’s our duty to keep the line moving. The start of a new year is the perfect time to kick-start it all.

Have a great 2016 everyone.

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What goals have you set for 2016 with your family?


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