The Newest Addition to the Cusden-Rock Family

Sorry, sorry if the title was misleading. It’s actually the subject line I used in a mass email to family and friends almost nine years ago.

This email was sent out a few days after Katie and I became parents for the first time. The day we came home with the responsibility of another person. So many moments to remember from that day and the nine years that followed. Anyways, I just wanted to share the email and I have to say it stands up after all this time. Ha ha Miley Cyrus.

Happy birthday Harrison/Harry.


Dear World,

First let me introduce myself. My name is Harrison James Cusden and I was born in Halifax, NS on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 2:50pm. I am 7 lbs. 5 ounces and a lengthy 20’8 inches.

If you want you can call me Harry (think Harry Rosen, Harry Winston etc. Not that dorky kid with the magic wand) but Harrison is just fine by me.

Okay now that the important details are out of the way I want to say thank you to my new mom and dad who currently look like they have been through a real battle. Who knew birth would be so tiring? Personally I am feeling great.

It would be totally wrong of me not to really say how awesome my mom was during her 23 hours of labour. Yep I said 23 hours. She was a rock star and certainly should be featured on Oprah or something.

Anyways, thanks to my mom and dad for taking such good care of me as I figure out what the heck is going on. I have a pretty sweet deal. Food, snuggles and naps whenever I want and I don’t even have to change myself.

I want to say thanks to the staff at the IWK for doing their best to make everything a perfect weekend. I want to thank my Doctor for being calm, cool and collected. I want to thank the guys in the food court that kept my dad full of subway and tim hortons. I even want to thank the fans…..hey, what? Sorry the Emmy’s were on last night and I got caught up in the moment. BTW Doogie crushed it.

Clayton Park seems rad so far and I just met a dog that looks like chocolate. Maybe I can eat him later? My new room is wicked with free WIFI and a great window view. What more does a boy need at a few days of age?

Things are looking great and I can’t wait to meet everyone.

I don’t have a twitter account yet so if you want to drop me a line, contact me through my parents. Could someone explain to me who this Miley Cirus person is?

Thanks for your time,

Can’t wait for the rest of this wild ride to start



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