My unimportant recap of Super Bowl LVIII

So it’s the morning after. The confetti has been cleaned up, flights are moving people out of Las Vegas and everyone is sharing their morning after feelings on the big game.

Well, I am going to do the same. But mostly I am going to share the best of “X” since the few people who read this are not on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Taylor Swift made it to the game, many ads were aired showing celebs selling out hard for every brand you can think of, Usher put on a show and the Kansas City Chiefs won a somewhat boring game it OT 25-22 over the San Francisco 49ers.

Locally, the family gathered like we do every Super Bowl and ate nachos and chicken wings in front of the TV and then watched Usher and friends. For the most part the boys were unimpressed except when Luda came out and our teen was like, it’s the guy from Fast and the Furious.

Once halftime was over, we went about our lives, doing normal Sunday night things. We did check in a few times with the game and saw the OT ending. I feel like I watched enough to get the vibe of the evening.

We had to once again explain to the boys why Canada doesn’t get the good commercials. It seems like something that would have changed by 2024. But no. We only get to see them on social media. Doesn’t sound like we missed much. I posted a few of the more popular ones down below.

Again, I am not much of a football fan. We don’t really watch it in our house except for the teen who has become a fan. The day for me is more about food. What game day food is being made. I was only going to do nachos, but the grocery store had a big sale on chicken wings, so we also had a bowl of air fryer wings. I also made my annual slowcooker queso, which there is still a lot left in the fridge for more snacks this week.

The photos from the box containing Taylor and friends and Jason Kelce are pretty good. The meme experts were out in full force.

Of course there were all the ads that we in Canada did not get to see. Here are a few.

Things you may have missed during the halftime show.

Ryan Reynolds of course owned the night with the release of the Deadpool 3 trailer and all of the other hilarious posts.

And we will just end with more Taylor Swift.

That’s a wrap on Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. I hope everyone had fun and are not looking at their bank account today with regret. Whether you are a football fan or not, the day is a lot of fun for everyone. Foodies, Swifties and everyone in between.

I am still a bit sad the game did not include either the Buffalo Bills or Detroit Lions, but maybe next year. I am ready for less Chiefs that’s for sure.

Now it’s Monday, no more football for several months and we go back to regularily scheduled programming.

Or in our house, full on NBA mode.

Oh, finally I will leave you with this. A tweet from the Predident of the United States.

Have a great week everyone.


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