Media Day Sneak Peek Of Sabra’s Food Truck in Halifax


Sabra – Adventure Awaits

A few weeks ago, I got an email inviting me to a sneak peek of a food truck that was going to be in Halifax. I was pretty excited. First, I love food trucks. Second, I was being seen as an influencer due to the blog. I was going for sure.

As the day approached, times were set and plans were made. I was going to take Charlie down by bus to meet the people and hopefully try some food – hummus in this case.

Then Thursday came and it was raining all day. I did not want to cart Charlie around in the rain, so I had to cancel. I was bummed.

But I did reach out to the people of Sabra’s Food truck and said I would still help spread the word. It was the least I could do. Besides, even though I did not get to try the food, I can be almost certain I would have liked it.

Here is the details I was originally sent to help you get an idea of what Sabra and their food truck are all about.

Sabra Canada Inc., Canada’s fastest growing fresh hummus company, best known for its smooth and creamy hummus topped with savoury garnishes, is bringing its food truck to Halifax on Thursday, July 25th. This is Sabra Canada’s first cross-Canada Truck Tour, delighting residents of the country’s largest cities. While in town, the Sabra food truck will be making stops at local hot spots and events all over the city.

I am reaching out to offer you an exclusive visit to the truck while it is in town on our media day (July 25th) for a peek of what locals can expect when they visit the truck.

Visually, the Sabra food truck is branded with colourful images of the ingredients that make up Sabra’s dips. The truck passes out free samples to everyone who visits the truck, you can then customize your hummus with your favourite Sabra topping like Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Roasted Pine Nut and Supremely Spicy. We also set-up food carts in front of the food truck, with a spread of Sabra’s dips and chips. The Sabra spokesperson will be on site to chat with about the various dips Halifax locals can experience during the tour.

So from what I can tell, they were touring Canada. This is explained in a very cool flip book I was provided.

As they hit each province, they were sharing a recommended product for sampling. For Nova Scotia, it was Greek Olive Hummus.

Again, I like dips just as much as the next guy, so it was a bummer to miss out. They did however find some people braving the elements to try their food as you can see in the photo.


For more information on Sabra, contact

Hopefully next time a food truck comes rolling into my town, it is not raining.