Marketing Automation Helps Parents Too


You are wondering, how can marketing automation help parents?

No, it won’t do anything major like change a diaper or put together a Lego castle, but it will help keep you on point.

For example, our daycare has a lot going on. With two boys going every day, there are a lot of events (routine and special) happening each month.

Yes, I read the calendar when it is posted, but today for example, dad forgot a day.

It was costume day for my 4-year old. So there he is walking into a room full of super heroes and he is wearing normal clothes.

Not good enough dad. Well that is probably what my son was thinking.

Now if the daycare had a system set up where they could pre-schedule all of these events head of time and have it set to send emails, texts or tweets to the parents a day before, my son would be Spider-Man right now.

Then there are the routine tasks. The monthly payment for example. I admit, we pay on time every month but some people do need reminders.

Again, instead of a staff member having to confront a parent about money (not really their job), an email sent on the due date and then each day after will help out the process.

Simple things.

But as a parent, your brain is maxed out. Especially at 7am when these decisions are being made (or in my case, not made).

It’s not about being elaborate with giant nurture campaigns. Marketing automation is about the little things that make lives easier.

But for now I will keep looking at the calendar and banking my brain to remember everything.

I just hope I don’t miss graduation.