Love at First Sip – Amore Almonds + Dairy


Since I started this parenting-related blog, I have been contacted to review many products. Most are not really focused on kids or even parents, so I politely decline.

Every now and then, a product does come across my desk that is perfect to try out for the boys.

I was recently send a free coupon to try Amoré Almond + Dairy beverage, a product of Earth’s Own.

It was recently launched in Canada and I believe it was a target of the back to school crowd.

From the email I received:

Back to school is on every parent’s radar and although there is a lot of preparation to be done, ensuring children get the calcium and other nutrients they need is still just as important. With the launch of Amoré Almond + Dairy beverage, families can boost their daily milk intake while indulging in a healthy everyday pleasure.

Amoré just launched in Canada and combines the goodness of diary with the creamy, nutty taste of real roasted almonds. It is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and vitamins. In fact, Amoré contains 50 per cent more calcium per serving than milk!

Amoré is available in original and vanilla flavours. It tastes delicious on its own but is also great in coffee, cereal and in smoothies (to name a few). I’m sure the kids would love it as a pre-park snack!

With the amount of milk that is consumed in our house, it was silly to pass up on a free carton of milk, even if it was “fancy” as my son called it.

So how was it?

First a few facts I was provided with.

Amoré Almonds + Dairy is the latest beverage innovation from Earth’s Own. It combines the goodness of dairy with real
almonds creating a healthy pleasure that will help boost your milk intake everyday.

Formats and availability:

Original: The goodness of real
dairy, with the creamy, nutty taste
of real almonds.
Vanilla: Our unique blend of dairy
and almonds plus a delicate hint of
pure vanilla sweetness.
Size: 1.75L
Suggest Retail Price: $5.29

Everyone in our house except the baby tried it. Here are the take aways.

Myself: I tried it in a glass right out of the carton and in my tea. The flavour was not overpowering but you knew it was there. It had a smell of chocolate milk almost.

I am pretty picky about my tea, so I was surprised that the almond milk tasted great when added to my tea. Made me think of a festive tea that I would have at Christmas.

My wife: She is not much of a milk drinker but she did try some. She said it tasted pretty good. The place she enjoyed it the most was in her coffee. Again, it is a great addition to make a coffee a little more festive.

Our son: He is three, so getting him to drink milk that is not chocolate is hard. He loved the taste and had it in his cereal as well as out of a glass. Now when he has plain milk, he asks if it is the almond kind. Funny guy.

Final conclusion

So, we all liked the flavour and could see how it would be a great addition to the grocery cart. However, at $5.99 per carton (in our grocery store), for us it would be more of an occasion purchase if at all. We need the good-old fashioned plain milk the most at our house and there is not much room for anything else. So while we appreciated the chance to try the product for free, it probably won’t be something we pick up again in the future.

If you would like to learn more about the Amoré Almond + Dairy beverage, go to the official website.