Link A Dad – Top Dad Links For April 4 2013

There are so many great dad bloggers, tweeters, posters, pinners, tubers and overall social media mad men. Moms get all the attention, so here are just some of the top Dad Links for April 4, 2013.

Dad’s DenKidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

To whom it may concern…I have a funny conversationDoing the happy dance

& Squatch Makes 3& get up, stand up

The DadconteurI Can Be Your Hero, Baby

Always Jacked About FatherhoodHow to Explain Vaginas to a Four-Year Old Boy

Single Dad LaughingYou just broke your child. Congratulations

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I have to say when I entered into the world of dad blogging, I was expecting there to be a few decent sites to read and get to know. The more I dig, the more amazing blogs I find full of great content. As someone who spent many years on the sports blogger scene, I have to say, that was a much easier group to rise to the top of compared to the dads. Great work everyone. I look forward to reading as much as I can and sharing as much as I can. If only that whole parenting thing did not keep getting in the way.