Like A Dad To Move Office and Kids To Toronto

Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 15, 2014Like A Dad, a parenting blog focused on the life of one dad and his family, is excited to announce that it will be relocating its office to Toronto, on May 14, 2014.

Like A Dad was started in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in November of 2012, after the birth of the owner’s second son. The blog is relocating it’s staff (family) to Toronto due to job changes and to be closer to family and friends. All day-to-day operations will begin in the new office on the Tuesday after the Victoria Day weekend.

Like A Dad is written and managed by Michael Cusden, a digital marketer, who excels in creating engaging web content for several properties. He will also be leaving his day job of 5 years at SimplyCast, to pursue bigger challenges in Toronto, where he once worked in the television industry.

“I can’t wait to be a dad in Toronto, one of the greatest cities on the planet, said Michael. “My time in Halifax was an amazing period of growth and I will always remember those who I have met and worked with.”

While writing for Like a Dad, Michael has had many local opportunities to share his views on parenting as well as grow the reach of his dad blog. He has been on Maritime Noon and Mainstreet on CBC radio, written several guest posts for Urban Parent, was featured in a national story in the Globe and Mail and got to know the other local bloggers via Facebook.

Like a Dad mostly focuses on the day-to-day battles of raising two sons, finding a work/life balance and posting photos of delicious smoked meat from the company Big Green Egg.

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About Like A Dad

Being a dad is the greatest gift, job, task, goal, role or journey a man can take on in life. There is nothing like being a dad. Of course we all do it our own way and that is what inspired, like a dad. Dads have their own spin on the simplest things. Dads see the world through different eyes. Dads are the new moms. Okay, that is not true. Moms rule the world. Any dad truly knows that down deep. But while they are doing their mothering thing, we get to have the fun. We get to discover new ways to parent and new ways to screw up. This blog is for all the dads out there who do it their way. I will be adding my own battle stories from being a dad to two young boys.

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  1. Welcome to Toronto!! Hopefully a bunch of us Toronto dad bloggers can connect in the future.

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