Like a Dad Voted Best Dad Read By Books Make A Difference Readers


When I started out my dad-themed blog last year, I knew I had what to took to build an audience and build a decent website.

I never really thought I would get voted as a top blog according to other sites.

Books Make A Difference, that celebrates books, their creators and fans, and the positive difference they make in people’s lives, ran a poll that included 25 amazing dad blogs.

For a few weeks, readers got to vote for their favourite. Somehow, Like A Dad won.

I am not even sure how I got on the editor’s radar. But it happened. People voted and as the winning blog, they did a feature on me and my views on parenting, books and what I intend to do in the future with my blog.

In June, Books Make a Difference asked readers to vote for Best of What Dads Are Reading. Readers chose Like a Dad to top the list.

A writer, photographer, and father of two boys, Michael Cusden is the voice behind the blog Like a Dad. Michael’s blog was included in a list of great nominees for this year’s contest. His first place distinction was followed closely in votes by second place James Hudyma’s Dads Round Table, a blog for which Michael is a contributor. The third place honor goes to Mike Julianelle’s Dad and Buried.

Please go and check out the rest of the feature and take a look at all the great dad blogs out there. I honestly am not sure how I outranked most of the blogs that were listed because I read them all and think they are amazing.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and to Books Make A Difference.