Like A Dad Is On Facebook – Join The Community Today

Like A Dad Is On Facebook – Join The Community Today

One of the hardest parts of starting up a new blog is getting noticed. There are so many other established blogs that it takes time for friends, readers, search engines and even robots to find the site. There is no magic bullet, it just takes some time and strong planning.

Setting up your blog properly to get indexed in Google is step one and then just adding content, a lot of intesting and relevant content.

Then, once you have that going, you can work on your social media profiles. Trust me, there are millions of people out there waiting to follow, like, pin and plus your stuff, but again, it takes time.

You want organic traffic, you want people to interact with you on their own and you want to grow a strong community of readers.

So far, we have got a nice base of followers on Twitter. Dads and Moms are more than willing to answer and communicate with you almost instantly.

I personally have had a lot of great chats with people on Twitter already about parenting.

With that going strong, the next social site to tackle is Facebook. Facebook is one of the best ways to create a tight community of readers and those who you can learn from and talk to.

Especially in the parenting genre, there are millions and millions of people to find and engage with.

Like A Dad is on Facebook and we are starting to get some fans. It is hard like I said to start. It is hard to get noticed. It is hard to get someone to “like” yet another site talking about something they read about all day.

That is why it takes patience and adding value to your page. Whether it be tips, humour, photos etc. you need to provide something that people find valuable to their surfing time.

Once you have 10 followers or fans, it will double, then triple and before you know it, you have a few hundred. Then you stick with the momentum. Before you know it a community is born.

That is what we have started on our Facebook page. We want to form a community of parents whether it be dads or moms. We just want to create a space to share ideas, laughs and likes.

So what do you think? Does that make you want to head over and like us?

I bet it does.

Like A Dad Is On Facebook – Join The Community Today