Kodak Moments App Makes It Easier To Print Photos

I have been taking digital photos for well over 10 years and I don’t think I have deleted any of them. I have USB sticks, external drives, CD-ROMS, several clouds and memory cards on the go, all full of photos.

Photos of my life. Food, pets, kids, moments, silly things and everything in between. I don’t look at them, I store them so I have them one day. But does that day ever come? Jim Gaffigan does a bit in his standup about this and he is spot on. We are digital photo hoarders.

30 years ago, a photo was precious because it was actually work to take it. You only had so much film and the cost that went with it. So you wanted every photo to be amazing.

With the age of digital, one thing that many of us have left behind is actually displaying photos for people to actually seen. Not on a computer, a phone or even one of those silly digital picture frames. No, I mean printing it out, putting it in a frame and displaying it so that memory is part of your day.

I have thousands and thousands of photos that I would call good. But if you look around my house, you don’t see any. That’s just not fair to my talents for capturing the moment.

It’s time I get back into printing photos and being creative in how they are displayed out in the open.

It’s time to showcase an amazing photo how they did 50 years ago.

Printing Needs To Be Easier

But printing in a pain in the ass right? The paper, the ink, the fussy printers that never work. I don’t know that many people who actually print out their photos and it is probably because of one of the reasons I  mentioned.

That’s where those cool kiosks come into play that you see at photo stores like Henry’s or Walmart or all the other places that focus on photography.

I have used them. But even then, it always felt like work. Sitting at your computer, arranging the photos you want, adding them to a USB stick or a memory card and going to the store.

If all of my photos are pretty much on my phone now, why is there not an easy app?

Well, now there is and I got to try it out recently at a blogger event at Henry’s in Toronto.

The Kodak Moments App

It’s called the Kodak Moments App and it takes all the pains out of printing your photos. From there you can do just about anything like make a photo book right on the spot.

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The app is for IOS and Android and it is pretty easy to use. I was skeptical but it proved me wrong.

Once you download it, you are set to go. Here is more information on the app.

It’s the quick and easy way to access and print your Memories from your smart phone. Order photo prints, collages, greeting cards, anytime, anywhere and pick them up at a nearby store same day without shipping fees. Order prints, create canvas prints (wrapped & framed), mugs, posters, home decor products, ornaments, magnets and mousepads and have shipped to your home.

Already in store? upload and print your pictures or create photo products at a KODAK Picture Kiosk

• Order photo prints in sizes 4×6 to 24×36; even square prints
• Create greeting cards, thank you cards and invitations for any occasion. Hundreds of styles to choose from
• Create unique photo collages. Choose from a variety of templates, add colors and or textures. Simply
shake your phone to re-arrange photos in your selected template.
• Create canvas prints (framed or wrapped from 8×10 to 20×30) easel prints, wall art, metal desktop
panels, mugs, posters, and even photo magnets for home delivery
• Print or share using the share options enabled on your phone; i.e., instant message, email,
FACEBOOK, Flickr, Messenger, etc.
• Print while in a store using the secure Wi-Fi enabled KODAK Picture Kiosk
• Check out the variety of photo products offered on the KODAK Picture Kiosk; everything from photo
greeting cards for any occasion, to photo collages, photo books, and more

What I liked about it was it gave me access to the photos I wanted and it did not use up precious data to do all the transferring.

My Take

From the time I started, it took about five minutes to complete, not including the actual printing.

The steps are easy to understand and if you do make a mistake, you can just go back.

You are also able to create a user profile with your mailing address and contact info.

My only real complaint was there were much more features for IOS than Android at this point. I am not able to connect to DropBox yet for example.

Will I use this app again? I think so. Like I said, I want to get back into printing photos and displaying the memories for everyone to see.

I take some pretty good photos as you know from looking at my Instagram, so why not share them the old school way. In a frame, on the wall.

A lot of the hassle is removed from your experience. It’s fast, pretty easy to understand and even a little fun. It’s like you are the producer at the touch screen.

Want to Try For Free?

Because I attended the event, I was lucky enough to get a SWAG bag. Now, most of the stuff was for me, but they did include something for you. An exclusive offer.

I know it says to print it but I am pretty sure if you have the image (barcode) on your phone, you can show it at the store. Feel free to say Like a Dad sent you.

Free 8 X 10 Print


Here are all the locations of Henry’s.

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Thanks again to Henry’s and Kodak for inviting me to their event. It was for #HenrysMoms which makes sense for Mother’s day, just funny that I was the only dad there. #HenrysDads must be next right?