It’s Time To Start Thinking Of Gifts For Dads

Wasn’t Mother’s Day a lot of fun? We had tasty food, a lot of outside family fun and the Mom in our house was showered with love and unique gifts from the boys.

But now that it is over, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for Dads. Yes Father’s Day will be here before you know it and if you want to surprise him with something unique, there are a few quality sites to help you out.

I was contacted by and they asked me to look over all of their cool gift ideas for Dads and pick a few out to try.

As a Big Green Egg owner and lover of all things grilling, I naturally went right for the gifts that were BBQ related. There were so many, but in the end I picked out two that I thought would be great to add to my collection. One has not quite worked how I thought it would and one will easily become a regular tool in the kitchen or BBQ drawer.

But before I get to the reviewing, I want to invite you to check out because they have a lot of Father’s Day gifts no matter the type of Dad on your shopping list. I like BBQ gear, but they have stationary, cool office stuff, accessories for the bar and many other cool categories that I spent way too much time browsing. Whether he is an outdoors or indoors type, the price range will match anyone’s budget.

The Reviews

Item 1 – BBQ Branding Iron

The BBQ branding iron grabbed my attention because I liked the idea of adding words to my grilling. I could add funny words to my burgers and steaks. The kids would get a kick out of it and so would guests at a party. I have tried it a few times to date and have not had much success. I will keep trying in hope it works. The problem I have is to make it work, you need to press down on the meat. What this does, especially with a burger, is squeezes all the juice out. Like I said, I will keep trying as I have read others who love the product.

The letters are small and certainly takes some time to use but the concept is cool. You take little tiles like scrabble letters and spell words in a holder. Then you heat it up on your grill and brand your meat. So far I have had more fun spelling words than actually getting the letters to show up on meat. I think chicken may work best, so I will try that one day. I would like the product to be a little more robust and not so fragile. The letters fall out too easy.

This item retails for $19.95 and is certainly a fun novelty item for the Dad who loves grilling gadgets and toys.

Item 2 – Brass Knuckle Meat Tenderizer

First of all, this item just looks badass. The brass knuckle meat tenderizer looks like a weapon from a mob movie but it is for pounding and tenderizing meat. It fits your hand nicely and makes it easy to flatten chicken or make that steak very tender. Both my wife and I can use this one. It takes up little space and is a lot more fun than a hammer or whatever heavy thing you use to hit your precious meats. I have no complaints with this item. It has the right amount of weight to make it work well and it does not feel cheap. But let’s be honest, it just looks so cool, you want to leave it on the counter all the time.

There is no Dad that would not get a kick out of this gift. Sure you don’t want to ever be in a street fight, but if you are, you now have the perfect weapon that also doubles as a BBQ tool.

This item retails for $12.95 and is great for the Dad who loves movies, looking like a tough guy and appreciates a tender filet.

Get Shopping

So what type of Dad are you shopping for this year? A new Dad? A handyman Dad? An aspiring Dad chef like me? has categories for each that makes it easy to narrow your search. The price ranges are decent and the shipping is quick.

Want to share with us what you are getting the Dad in your life? Be careful, hopefully he reads this blog.

I was provided free product for this blog post but the reviews are my own and were not influenced in any way.