Infographic: Wine Vs. Beer: The Great Drink Debate

In our house, it is a pretty simple argument. The winner between wine and beer depends on who you ask.

For me, beer all the way. I do enjoy a nice glass of red wine on special occasions, but beer is optimal.

My wife however, is not a beer drinker at all. So wine is the clear winner in her eyes.

How about you and your household?

Well how about some interesting facts comparing two of the most popular adult beverages on the planet.

The infographic below is rich with many wine and beer related facts, figures and trivia that every enthusiast of these drinks will find interesting, or even surprising.

Those who favour wine will be thrilled to learn that California wines dominate the list of top wine brands in 2012, while beer fans can always boast the immense popularity of their favourite beverage as they discover that beer sells nearly 8,000 times more than wine and some archeologists claim it may have even contributed to making our entire civilization possible.

One of my only complaints when looking at this infographic? Where are all the Canadian beers in terms of most popular?


Thanks to Alex Hillsberg for sending this to us.

Beer vs. Wine: Surprising Facts, Popular Brands & Big Festivals
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  1. I drink at least 4 bottles of Heineken beer every week and that makes me a beer drinker, i’m not trying to say i’m a drunk. I just favor beer, its more economical when compared to wine.

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